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Residential Window Cleaning

Our residential cleaning goes year round and consists of cleaning your windows and screens and wiping sills and tracks. We can clean your windows in and out, outside only, or any special requests that you may have.

We have experience from cleaning small apartments to large estates. New windows or old, storm windows or permanents. Our employees are trained to take the utmost precautions to ensure that your home and valuables are taken care of.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Our commercial program goes year round and is for any regular maintenance of storefronts, restaurants, offices, factories, garages, malls, etc.

We can customize any regular cleaning to suit your needs: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually. We can clean your windows out, in and out, bottoms, bottoms and tops or any variation thereof.

Original owner and proprietor Robert Seibert is always ready to assist you, whether it be a question or a quotation.

We can also customize your billing: COD, monthly bill, or bi-annual bill.

Klear View can also accommodate large chains or franchises throughout Southern Ontario.

High-Rise Window Cleaning

Our employees are experienced at doing buildings from 4 to 25 stories. We use the latest equipment and technologies. Our crew leaders are certified by the Construction Safety Association of Ontario on the use of Suspended Access Equipment for Window Cleaning.

We take the utmost precautions to protect your flashing and flower beds, and have all the signage required to warn pedestrians that men are working above.

When we start your highrise, we work until it is done, and will not leave a job unfinished (weather permitting).

Note: For larger projects we will travel anywhere in Ontario.

Construction Window Cleanup

Our construction cleanup consists of removal of paint, silicone, mortar, tape, etc. on windows and frames. We are fully trained and very careful when removing construction debris.

We are experienced on new homes, businesses, highrises and commercial properties.

We strongly urge you to call a professional for your initial cleaning projects, as we have seen many windows scratched due to inexperience or lack of proper tools.

Siding Cleaning

When we clean siding, we scrub it with brushes using a biodegradable, environmentally friendly citrus cleaner. We do not use power washers∗. A basic siding job includes the removal of surface dirt and mild stains from your siding, frames, eavestroughs, fascia, soffit, shutters and garage door.

∗ The Brantford Area manager has been using power washers for siding, sidewalks and decks for over 20 years now.

Gutter & Eavestrough Clearing

For eavestrough clearing, we climb right up to the eaves and pull out the debris by hand. We then put the debris in garbage bags and dispose of it for you. We always make sure that all downspouts are clean and running properly. We recommend that you clear your eavestroughs at least once per year to ensure that the water is running away from your house, and not down it or even into it.

Water Fed Pole System

The past few years we have perfected our Water Fed Pole window cleaning system. This new system allows us to clean windows more safely, more efficiently and at a higher quality than before. In fact we can clean 5-6 storey buildings (55 feet) while standing on the ground.

This system also allows us to clean windows, siding, frames, signs and light panels.