How much does it cost to clean my windows?

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Below is an estimate of cost for an average sized house. Remember these are only approximate prices and we suggest getting a professional quote for you home. We would be happy to come to your home and give you a no obligation “FREE” quote!

  • Amount of windows

  • Size and style of the windows

  • How clean are the windows

  • Is there a sunroom?

  • How high up are the windows?

  • Amount of window panes (French Glass/Cut Ups)

  • Do screens need to be removed?

  • Do storm windows need to be taken apart?

All of these factors can change
the cost of your window cleaning.
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Approximate price only

1600 – 2100 sq ft house
Exterior: $100 – $117
Interior: $68 – $102

Approximate price only

2200 – 2400 sq ft house
Exterior: $134 – $168
Interior: $102 – $170

2400+ sq ft house

It is hard to give an average price for larger homes as there are many variables. Request a quote for accurate pricing.